Password Breaker

Password Breaker 3.1

Brute forces lost or forgotten passwords
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Recovers the password that you've lost by automatically trying every possible combination. You can select any specific characters, digits or symbols that you remember to speed up the process.

Password Breaker is a tool designed to force break the password from any program. It is very useful for situations when you have to access an application but totally forgot the password.
Basically, it is a keyboard simulation tool, that automatically types combinations of letters and digits in any given field. It also supports symbols and spaces as password content.
You choose various combinations of characters, select the application password field, and let it do the job. Because it cannot determine when the correct password was entered, the process should be manually stopped after a successful breaking.
For easy use, three hotkeys for Start Stop and Pause/Resume are defined by default.
It displays the elapsed and the remaining time for inserting all the selected combinations, allowing you to decide if you can wait, or look for a different approach.
Overall it is a good tool with all the necessary features included. I recommend it as a last resort solution, because even if it can break the password, this will take a lot of time.
It works under Windows Vista and Windows XP, and requires Microsoft .NET Framework installed.

Cristian Ionescu
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  • Any combination of numbers, letters symbols and spaces can be selected
  • Easy to use
  • Friendly interface and options


  • Takes a lot of time to break a password
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